The Institute of Molecules and Materials of Le Mans (IMMM UMR CNRS 6283) is composed of 69 Professors and Associate Professors, 16 CNRS researchers, 32 engineers, technicians and administrative, 60-65 PhD students, 30 Master students and about 10 postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists per year.
The scientific topics of the 4 Departments are mainly focused on synthesis methodologies for organic molecules and molecular structures, the development, characterization and modeling of polymers, surfaces, oxides and inorganic fluorides crystalline, glassy or hybrid and functional structures (nano) composites. The research activities aim bioactive compounds and advanced materials with applications in different fields as energy, sustainable development, health, food processing, plastics, soft matter and optics.
Advanced equipment including diffraction, microscopy, spectroscopy, radiation scattering, rheology, plasmas, combined with innovative techniques (ultrafast pulsed laser pump-probe spectroscopy) provides an instrumental platform regionally, nationally and internationally attractive. It allows thus multiple and multi-scale characterizations of innovative and advanced materials and functional nano-architectures, complex fluids, and surfaces in addition to a well established expertise in the treatment of spectra and numerical modeling.
IMMM is supported by CNRS and University of Maine (through the Ministry of Research and Education) and projects funded by the Région Pays de la Loire, ANR, European Union and contracts with industrial partners. In addition, numerous bilateral exchange programs with foreign research Laboratories are currently in progress.
Training of students is essentially based on International Masters (Physics of Nanomaterials “PNANO”, Fine Chemistry and Functional NanoMaterials “Chimana”, and Numeric Engineering in Applied Physics and Mechanics “INPAM”) developed by some IMMM members. The IMMM is associated with the Doctorate School 3MPL (ED500 Matter, Molecules, and Materials Pays de la Loire) for which we deliver specific courses and workshops in the frame of LUNAM PRES (Nantes, Angers and Le Mans).