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Matériaux inorganiques - Inorganic Materials

Matériaux inorganiques

The research in the Inorganic Materials (MI) thematic area is mainly devoted to functional inorganic fluorides, oxides and oxyfluorides.

The applications of these materials concern the energy, environment and health areas.

Various synthetic routes are used to prepare nano or micrometer-sized crystalline powders, single crystals, glasses and glass-ceramics. Detailed structural information being vital for understanding the properties of the studied materials, a special attention is being paid to accurately determine their atomic arrangement from short to long-range orders by using diffraction, microscopy and solid-state NMR techniques. The research works can yield to international and national partnerships as well as collaborations with colleagues of three other thematic areas from IMMM.


Ongoing PhDs

  • Antoine Pautonnier, Élaboration de nouveaux conducteurs par ions oxyde, sous la direction de Philippe Lacorre, Sandrine Coste et Maud Barré.
  • Manel Missaoui, Etude des propriétés structurales et magnétiques des composés multiferroïques à base de BiFeO3, sous la direction de Nirina Randrianantoandro, Maud Barré et Sandrine Coste.
  • Wafae Halim, Synthèse et caractérisation des nanoparticules mixte à base de M/TiO2(M=Ag, Cu, Ni...) pour la photocatalyse, sous la direction de Abdelhadi Kassiba et Saïd Ouaskit.
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