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Smart Materials and Surfaces in IMMM

IMMM researchers are involved into the design and the development of innovative active materials and surfaces with specific functionalities adaptable to their local environment in order to provide a better compatibility, adaptability, and responsiveness. Thus, the properties of such materials or surfaces (optical, mechanical, electric, magnetic…) are tuneable, depending on the environmental stimuli. In this context, it is of first importance to consider the material and/or surface in its entire development from the design of the elementary bricks (molecule or atomic compound) until its application and its potential integration in a device, in a transverse and interdisciplinary approach. This includes the design and the synthesis of the fundamental elements of the material (organic molecule, inorganic material, composites), their assembly/shaping in more complex architectures (macromolecules, crystals, amorphous structures), the study of their properties (optical, mechanical, structural) and their optimization to be integrated in devices or for specific applications (sensor/actuator) in various domains as health, energy, environment or food-processing industry.


 This global approach enables to take in account the various constraints associated with the applications from the material design stage up to its development. It is then possible to propose functional materials for integration into operational devices. This is all the more favoured by the existence of such skills continuum throughout the material chain and its technological development. This integrated approach brings great flexibility to the development of new methodologies, materials and applications.