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Material and surfaces for environment and health of soft matter

Material & surfaces for environement and health of soft matter

Several projects of our institute are at the interface between physics, chemistry and biology. We mostly investigate the physico-chemical behavior and properties of materials and surfaces in complex environments or in interaction with cells and microorganisms. We also propose the elaboration of materials, surfaces and protocols mainly dedicated to sensing applications in medical, food and environmental fields.


  • Jean-François Bardeau
  • Guillaume Brotons
  • Alain Bulou
  • Philippe Daniel
  • Nicolas Delorme
  • Mathieu Edely
  • Nicolas Errien
  • Alain Gibaud
  • Fabienne Lagarde
  • Marc Lamy de La Chapelle
  • Olivier Noël

Surfaces in interaction with a complex environment

- Effect of the morphology and chemistry of TiO2 surfaces on the primary adhesion of microorganisms (i.e. bacteria and yeast). JF Bardeau

- Model bilayer lipid membranes and sensors for probing biorelevant interfaces. G.Brotons

- Relation between physico-chemical properties of polymer microcarriers and the adhesion and differenciation of MIAMI cells in order to optimize the use of stem cells in neurodegenerative medicine. N. Delorme

- Interaction of micro and nanoplastics with marine biomolecules and microorganisms F. Lagarde, N. Errien, Ph. Daniel

- Tribology and mechanical properties modifications of biological cells in associated pathologies (cancer, dislipidemia,...); wear mechanisms at the nanoscale of metallic or composite materials to control emission of toxic molecules. O. Noel

Immunofluorescence image illustrating the adhesion of MIAMI cells on surfaces of functionalized microcarrier (PAM)

Related papers
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  • Meca-stem
  • Mat-Inno
  • Mecacell
  • Prompt

Detection, analysis and sensing for environment and health

Vibrational spectroscopies allow the fast and reliable identification and detection of molecules in any sample (liquid, solid, gaz, complex matrix…) with the possibility to strongly enhance the signal (SERS) allowing the detection of very small concentrations. Our group developed strong skills in elaborating strategies for the immobilization, fast detection and analysis of organic molecules or microorganisms for environmental and health applications: organic pollutants in wood recycling industry, microorganisms and antibioresistance, food contaminants, pesticides in waters, micro and nanoplastics in aquatic compartments and biota, biomarkers in body fluids….


Related papers
  • T. X. Nguyen, S. Sarter, N. Hai Nguyen, P. Daniel. Detection of molecular changes induced by antibiotics in Escherichia coli using Raman and IR spectroscopies. Spectrochimica Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy. 183 395-401(2017).
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  • SeaBioPack
  • Agrifood
  • ANR Louise
  • ANR Nanoplastics
  • Miplaqua
  • Projet ANSES JFB

Organization of synthetic and natural micro and nano-objects

Investigation by X-ray holotomography of the 3D microstructure of microorganisms to understand their role of their biological functions. A. Gibaud


Related papers
  • Beuvier, B. Suchéras Marx, L. Beaufort, I. Probert, Y. Chushkin, F. Zontone and A. Gibaud, 2018, Nat.Com
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