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Physics and structural properties of soft matter

Physics and structural properties of soft matter

Several projects of our team are devoted to the study of soft matter physical properties as their mechanical, thermal or structural properties under different environments.


  • Jean-François Bardeau
  • Guillaume Brotons
  • Philippe Daniel
  • Nicolas Delorme
  • Mathieu Edely
  • Nicolas Errien
  • Alain Gibaud
  • Fabienne Lagarde
  • Olivier Noël

Nano-mechanics of soft matter

Related papers
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  • Mecacell

Structural properties of polymers and complex composites films

Several techniques mastered in the team allow deep polymer characterization providing structural and physical information.

Since both infrared and Raman spectroscopies give complementary information, we use these techniques as effective tools to monitor the molecular structure and properties of polymers. Coupled with chemometrics, vibrational spectroscopies are used in the team to control polymer structure under different environments (thermal degradation, UV ageing, mechanical deformation, very thin films behaviors); to develop new bio-based polymers (cellulose, natural rubber) and to assess the distribution of fillers in composite polymers.

We have also developed a strong expertise in X-ray reflectivity....


Related papers
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