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Plasmonics and enhanced vibrational spectroscopies

Plasmonics and enhanced vibrational spectroscopies

The metallic nanoparticles or nanostructures can strongly interact with light. They can provide some huge enhancement of the near field at the vicinity of the metallic surface due to the excitation of the localised surface plasmon (LSP). The plasmonic properties depend on geometrical parameters (size, shape, coupling...) of the nanopatterned metals and can be finely controlled and tuned on a wide range of wavelength.


  • Jean-François Bardeau
  • Alain Bulou
  • Philippe Daniel
  • Nicolas Delorme
  • Mathieu Edely
  • Nicolas Errien
  • Alain Gibaud
  • Fabienne Lagarde
  • Marc Lamy de La Chapelle

Field enhancement and SERS optimization

We work on the relation between the LSP and the enhancement efficiency depending on the geometrical parameters of the dedicated nanostructures. We notably determine the influence of the LSP on the surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS).

Moreover, in the team, we developed strong skills in the structuration of metallic surfaces at micro/nanoscales to create nanostructured substrates for highly sensitive SERS applications.


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Patent: Procédé de Fabrication d’un motif métallique nanostructuré et motif métallique- Inventeurs : M. Edely, N. Delorme, J.-F. Bardeau (2014 - N° de dépôt : 1461880)


Molecular plasmonics and thermoplasmonics

The plasmonic properties of metallic nanostructures can induced side effects such as local increase of the temperature, known as thermoplasmonics effect, or the formation of hot electrons that can react with molecules. We study and exploit such properties. For instance, we demonstrated that some chemical reaction, such as the click chemistry, can be initiated and mediated by the plasmon or that large temperatures can be reached at the nanostructure surface to heat the local medium.


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  • X-TREM

Plasmonic applications in sensing

The field enhancement can be exploited for large enhancement of the spectroscopical signal of any molecules located at the vicinity of the nanoparticle surface. It is then possible to detect molecular species at low concentration and provide high sensitivity to the detection. Thus, several projects were devoted to the enhancement of Raman signal (SERS) allowing the detection and analysis of molecules in very small concentrations. Most applications are turned towards the detection of biomolecules in medecine, pollutants in environment, contaminants and micro-organisms in food.


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