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Pascual, Sagrario

Pascual, Sagrario


Dr. Sagrario Pascual completed her PhD in 1999 at the University of Pierre et Marie Curie (Sorbonne Université, France) in the field of polymer chemistry under the supervision of Prof. J.-P. Vairon. During her PhD position, she studied the kinetics of the ATRP of styrene in homogeneous medium, the synthesis of amphiphilic block copolymers using ATRP and their capacity to act as stabilizers in emulsion polymerization. She had the opportunity to spend a few months to work in the group of Prof. K. Matyjaszewski at Carnegie Mellon University (United States). 

⇒ In 2000, she joined Prof. D.Haddleton group at the University of Warwick (England) for a post-doctoral position founded by Unilever to work in the field of polyamides and by the Marie Curie Individual fellowship granted by the European Community to work in the field of micellization of positively charged amphiphilic block copolymers in water. 

In 2001, she became a permanent academic as an Associate Professor in Le Mans Université in France. 

In 2008, she joined Prof. M. Monteiro group at University of Queensland (Australia) as a visiting academic for few months to work on RAFT polymerization to target thermosensitive polymers and on MADIX polymerization in microemulsion polymerization. 

Her research topics are focused on macromolecular science and chemistry: reversible deactivation radical polymerizations (ATRP, MADIX/RAFT), thiol-ene chemistry, amine reactive and amine-based polymers, solid-supported synthesis of polymers, amphiphilic block copolymers, thermo- and pH-responsive polymers and cationic polymers for gene delivery.

She teaches from bachelor level to master level in the following fields: kinetics, organic chemistry and macromolecular chemistry.



→ 2011. Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Le Mans Université, France

→ 1999. Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry, Sorbonne Université, France

→ 1996. D.E.A. Chemistry and Physicochemistry of Polymers, Sorbonne Université, France

→ 1995. Master in Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Sorbonne Université, France

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