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Ultrafast Control of Magnetism

Ultrafast Control of Magnetism


  • Marwan Deb
  • Vincent Juvé
  • Pascal Ruello
  • Gwenaëlle Vaudel
  • Mads Weber
  • Nirina Randrianantoandro

Controlling the magnetization at the fastest speed and with the lowest energy is one of the hottest topics in modern magnetism. It requires a deep understanding of the interaction between spin, electron, and lattice and their response to an external stimulus. Our research aims to address new frontiers in this topic by exploring novel magnetic materials and using various types of ultrashort external stimuli, including femtosecond laser pulses, femtosecond hot-electron pulses, picosecond acoustic pulses, as well as electric field. The nanoscale physics resulting from the interaction of these functionalities with suitable magnetic materials allows us to exploit non-thermal excitation mechanisms based on photo- and opto-magnetic effects, magnetoelastic effects, spin-transfer torque, and magneto-electric coupling to induce several important phenomena, such as spin-waves and magnetic-field-free magnetization switching. We study this rich physics with the help of new experimental approaches enabling both static and time-resolved measurements with sub-picosecond resolution. This research at the interface between magneto-electrics, femto-magnetism, pico-magneto-acoustic, and femto-spintronics should advance the fundamental knowledge, with potential implications for technological applications.


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