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Click chemistry for functional polymers

Click chemistry for functional polymers

Functional norbornenyl-based macromonomers and RAFT-synthesized thermosensitive polymers have been synthesized by CuAAC and controlled polymerizations (ROP and RAFT). Thermo-activated and photo-activated hydrothiolations including thiol-ene and thiol-yne perfomed on such macromonomers and polymers have been monitored to target well-defined mikto-arm polymers and telechelic polymers in one-pot processes. Decorated iron magnetic nanoparticles with functional hydrophile ligands leading to core-shell nanoparticles have been employed to target hybrid nanoparticles for hyperthermia drug release and reversible magneto-sensitive hydrogels via Diels-Alder reactions.



  • Véronique Montembault
  • Sandie Piogé
  • Sagrario Pascual
  • Laurent Fontaine
  • Florent Calvayrac
  • Lazhar Benyahia

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