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Hyperthermia-sensitive hybrid nanoparticles and magneto-sensitive hydrogels

Hyperthermia-sensitive hybrid nanoparticules and magneto-sensitive hydrogels

Magnetic hybrid nanoparticles have been obtained from iron oxide nanoparticles (IONPs) and (di)furan-functionalized (di)phosphonic acid-terminated poly(ethylene oxide)s. The reversibility of the Diels-Alder reaction between the furan functionality(ies) and maleimide derivatives has been used to design hyperthermia-sensitive hybrid nanoparticles and thermo-sensitive double-crosslinked networks using magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as crossing points, making these materials potential candidates for new applications mediated by magnetic hyperthermia stimuli, a key requirement for long-term medical therapy.



  • Véronique Montembault
  • Sagrario Pascual
  • Lazhar Benyahia
  • Florent Calvayrac
  • Laurent Fontaine

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