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Water in water emulsions and emulgels

When mixing two aqueous solutions of incompatible polymers, one can obtain water in water emulsions that consist in droplets of one polymer phase dispersed in the second one. The interfacial tension between both phases is so low that their stabilization mainly proceeds through a Pickering mechanism and needs the use of solid particles sitting at the interface. We have investigated several types of particles as stabilizing agents: proteic aggregates, latex, microgels, cellulose nanocrystals,.. To increase the shelf-life of the w/w emulsions, they can be turned into emulgel through the gelation of the continuous phase. W/W emulsions are also a way for achieving (micro)gels with controlled porosity through the cross-linking of the droplets or of the continuous phase leading to biomaterials with potential applications in tissue engineering and cell therapy.



  • Lazhar Benyahia
  • Erwan Nicol
  • Taco Nicolai
  • Fréderic Renou

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