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Functionalized and nanostructured surfaces by plasma processes

Functionalized and nanostructured surfaces by plasma processes

We develop antimicrobial composite materials having broad range of activity against health care-associated infections (HCAI) in order to control and eliminate in particular bacterial biofilms, which are often formed on surfaces of industrial and medical devices and are highly resistant to traditional disinfectants. Surface properties, thermal stability, antimicrobial efficacy, ecotoxicity are evaluated and our formulations are also tested in aquatic environments in order to characterize their antifouling properties. Specific work has been done on silicone materials (patented) modified with cationic biocides and polyhexamethylene guanidine (PHMG) salts (Figure). The high antimicrobial activity of our materials (>99.99% reduction in microbial growth, average R-value > 4) and the excellent leaching resistance into water medium was proven, suggesting therefore that such modified polymers may have great potential application in the development of safer medical devices.



  • Fabienne Poncin-Epaillard
  • Dominique Debarnot
  • Nicolas Delorme
  • Jean-François Bardeau

Related papers

  • Patent 2014 : Composition antimicrobienne à base de silicone

Inventeurs : J.-F. Bardeau, S. Rogalskiy, O. Tarasyuk, L. Loshyna, O. Bulko

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  • FORCE II - IRT Jules Verne
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