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Smart hydrogels based on self-assembled amphiphilic copolymers

Smart Hydrogels based on self assembled amphiphilic copolymers

By tempering the hydrophobic blocks of block and grafted amphiphilic copolymers (that is by incorporating hydrophilic subunits inside them), we have been able to obtain self-assemblies and hydrogels at thermodynamic equilibrium whereas non tempered amphiphilic block copolymers display mostly the formation of frozen self-assemblies. When the hydrophilic subunits are pH sensitive, the dynamics of the resulting hydrogels can be tuned in a reversible way with pH over 11 orders of magnitude. Dynamic self-assemblies can be blended easily to achieve mixed micelles and hydrogels of controlled properties through the stoechiometry of the blends. We can also achieve interpenetrated self-assembled networks responsive to various stimuli when mixing appropriate block copolymers. This approach has been exemplified with a great variety of amphiphilic copolymers.



  • Lazhar Benyahia
  • Christophe Chasseneiux
  • Olivier Colombani
  • Erwan Nicol
  • Taco Nicolaï

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